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Re: [tlug] Presentations you would like to hear?

Wow, I was just looking into Sonic Pi so I'd be really interested in this one. Aside from the ruby interpreter, it also has some Clojure, C++ and (gasp) Erlang in there.

I also have been meaning to try it out but not done so yet... given how much stuff it has in it, I have the feeling it might be hard to setup, but could be wrong about that. In any case I'd be really interested in this presentation if you did one :)

On 02/15@17:02, Andreas Kieckens wrote:
I've also been thinking about doing a presentation on Sonic Pi some
time. This is a neat little software that ties into JACK and allows you
effectively write music in ruby.

I'll have to play with it a little more myself before I'm anywhere near
qualified to do a presentation but TLUG could be a good excuse to do that.

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