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Re: [tlug] Presentations you would like to hear?

I wonder if it would be worth setting aside a short slot at the next meeting where people could suggest topics and others who might be interested in doing some investigation could grab one or two and do the research. I'm interested in the structure of the meeting and the people, not so much the specific topics, but if there were a suggested topic that I maybe don't know about *today* but could easily research a bit and come up with something coherent... that might be just as good as something someone knows about but *doesn't* present because they don't know whether anyone would be interested.

I'd be interested in knowing, for example, what is considered the currently state-of-the-art VoIP solution... now that (it seems) Asterisk is no longer the popular choice (and as the user of an outdated Asterisk system at home, I'm motivated to set something up and see if I can make it work -- but I don't know what that "something" should be). Cross-platform backups... not just what s/w is available... anyone can look that up on google... but ideas as to how one can meld their smartphone data, windows desktop data, Linux $HOME directories, and IoT configurations into a coherent whole that could be deposited onto an encrypted cloud service with little or no ongoing maintenance (I don't ask for much, eh?).

On Thu, Feb 15, 2018 at 6:30 PM, Edward Middleton <> wrote:
These all sound really good.

If we do short talks I could do something on the robot sumo competition
we are doing for the advanced robotics course at Hacker space.  We are
building around an Arduino using a motor controller and a number of
sensors.  For people who are not familiar with what you can do with an
Arduino, and the basic development process it might give you some ideas.

If any of these topics particularly interest you it would be good if you
could post something so we know.

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