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Re: [tlug] oneliners, Was: Moving on from xterm

Jim Breen writes:

 > "text classification task"って? For getting the right yomikata (aka furigana)
 > on a proper name longer sequences can be useful,

Or not.  There was an economist (I don't recall the name,
unfortunately, except both 氏 and 名 had variants, and 名 ended in 一,
so could be read as いち or かず) who was recognized in a couple of
fields but reclusive (didn't go to conferences, so nobody got a verbal 
自己紹介).  His name had four reasonable yomi.  The orthodox
economists (centered in Kanto) chose one, the Marxists (centered in
Kansai) chose another, and it was a couple decades before they
realized they were quoting the same guy!

But it didn't really matter since the papers of interest didn't
overlap.  The point here is that getting it right would have confused
the economists who had it wrong. :-)  (No comments about the natural
state of economists, please!)

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