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Re: [tlug] Moving on from xterm


On 2016-08-19 20:15, Curt Sampson wrote:
Does anybody have any suggestions for a new terminal program? Some
of my requirements and/or hopes are:

    * Use [FreeType](, because that's the
    standard these days, right?

    * Use standard modern input methods so I can type Japanese.

    * Avoid decoration: I don't use tabbed terminals and I should be
    able to turn off menu and tool bars and things like that.

    * No need for special features like iTerm2's ability to display
    images inline and whatnot.

    * That said, I use Gnu screen a lot, so if there's any special
    integration there that would be helpful for me, that might be a

    * Not dragging in a huge pile of desktop environment (Gnome, KDE,
    whatever) is a definite bonus.

    * Configuration should use some reasonable text-based format in a
    file in the homedir somewhere so I can use my usual systems to
    maintain it in Git.

I'm using tilda, which I believe covers 100% of your requirements.

My setup is;
 - None window decoration
 - Fullscreen
 - No tabs
 - F12 for shortcut
 - tmux on top of it

Especially having tmux along with F12 shortcut makes it extremely handy.

Maybe one more bonus, kinda off-topic, but installing jmdict and making
an alias as j="jmdict -j" makes it into an extremely fast japanese
dictionary on-demand.

Furkan Mustafa

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