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[tlug] oneliners, Was: Moving on from xterm

On Fri, Aug 19, 2016 at 08:32:51PM +0900, Furkan Mustafa wrote:
> [..]
> Maybe one more bonus, kinda off-topic, but installing jmdict and making
> an alias as j="jmdict -j" makes it into an extremely fast japanese
> dictionary on-demand.

Nice idea!

I use kakasi for a quick attempt to convert Kanji into Hiragana:

[chris@спутник ~]$ echo 例文文章です。 | kakasi -JH -i utf8 -f -w
例文[れいぶん] 文章[ぶんしょう] です 。
[chris@спутник ~]$ 
[chris@спутник ~]$ qq 例文文章です。
例文[れいぶん] 文章[ぶんしょう] です 。
[chris@спутник ~]$ 


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