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[tlug] Moving on from xterm

I've finally made the move to a larger and higher resolution display:
a 27" 4K monitor (3840x2160, exactly four times a 1080p "Full HD"
display), which is about 160 DPI. (In my quest for ever more screen
real-estate, however, I've set `Xft.dpi: 120`.)

xterm has served me very well for over two decades, but it turns out
that 164-line terminals go beyond even my needs most of the time (I
seem to be able to live with 100-line terminals just fine), and I'd
really like better font support, more flexability in font sizing, and
maybe even 256 colours. So it's time to move onward and upward.

As a side note, I should probably mention that I'm not using a desktop
system like Gnome or anything like that; I have a very minimal
`.xsession` that runs xfce4-panel, a couple of applets that display on
it, and fvwm2 as my window manager. (Yes, I finally took the plunge and
dropped all the rest of the Xfce environment that I was using.)

Does anybody have any suggestions for a new terminal program? Some
of my requirements and/or hopes are:

    * Use [FreeType](, because that's the
    standard these days, right?

    * Use standard modern input methods so I can type Japanese.

    * Avoid decoration: I don't use tabbed terminals and I should be
    able to turn off menu and tool bars and things like that.

    * No need for special features like iTerm2's ability to display
    images inline and whatnot.

    * That said, I use Gnu screen a lot, so if there's any special
    integration there that would be helpful for me, that might be a

    * Not dragging in a huge pile of desktop environment (Gnome, KDE,
    whatever) is a definite bonus.

    * Configuration should use some reasonable text-based format in a
    file in the homedir somewhere so I can use my usual systems to
    maintain it in Git.

I'm playing with xfce4-terminal right now, mainly because it happens
to be here. It seems to be ok. I'm about to have a look at
rxvt-unicode (the 256-color multi-langauge version) which at first
glance sounds as if it would be the sort of thing I'm looking for, but
I don't know anything about it as of yet.

Anybody have any other suggestions?

Curt Sampson         <>         +81 90 7737 2974

To iterate is human, to recurse divine.
    - L Peter Deutsch

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