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Re: [tlug] Moving on from xterm

On 19 August 2016 at 13:15, Curt Sampson <> wrote:

> I've finally made the move to a larger and higher resolution display:
> a 27" 4K monitor (3840x2160, exactly four times a 1080p "Full HD"
> display), which is about 160 DPI. (In my quest for ever more screen
> real-estate, however, I've set `Xft.dpi: 120`.)

Hurrah! I just started a new job, and was handed a 32" 4K monitor. I
had asked for a pair of 24" ones, but IT really wanted me to try this
one out. I've been really pleased at how easily I was able to migrate
from three heads (two 24" monitors and my laptop display) from my
previous four years of work to this one.

I use Openbox, and just rebound my "move and resize to head N" keys to
"move and resize to the left or right side of my screen", which gives
me a pretty good approximation of a dual-head setup.

I basically only use three windowed programs: Chrome, Emacs, and
Terminator, so this setup works great for me.

Which brings me to your question:

> Does anybody have any suggestions for a new terminal program?


It has a tiling layout, so you can do stuff like this:

Don't worry too much about the name. You can compile without all the
GNOME junk if you want:

> Some of my requirements and/or hopes are:
>     * Use [FreeType](


>     * Use standard modern input methods so I can type Japanese.


>     * Avoid decoration: I don't use tabbed terminals and I should be
>     able to turn off menu and tool bars and things like that.


>     * No need for special features like iTerm2's ability to display
>     images inline and whatnot.

Doesn't have that stuff.

>     * That said, I use Gnu screen a lot, so if there's any special
>     integration there that would be helpful for me, that might be a
>     bonus.

Not sure.

>     * Not dragging in a huge pile of desktop environment (Gnome, KDE,
>     whatever) is a definite bonus.


>     * Configuration should use some reasonable text-based format in a
>     file in the homedir somewhere so I can use my usual systems to
>     maintain it in Git.

Check. Here's my config:

: jmglov@alhana; cat ~/.config/terminator/config
  reset = None
  broadcast_group = <Primary><Shift>g
  cycle_next = None
  broadcast_off = <Primary><Shift>h
  reset_clear = <Primary><Shift>r
  toggle_scrollbar = <Primary><Shift>s
    scrollbar_position = hidden
    background_image = None
    scrollback_lines = 10000
    use_system_font = False
    foreground_color = "#00ff00"
    scroll_on_output = False
    font = Liberation Mono 10
    background_image = None
    background_color = "#ffffff"
    foreground_color = "#000000"


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