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Re: [tlug] Dictionary problem

Wow, what a noisy thread. Let me try to summarize.

1. Yeah, Linux is great and all, but if you have a specific, relatively
rare technical application, use what you need to for that.

One of my "technical" applications is gaming, and you will pry my
Windows PC from my cold, dead hands before I switch to doing serious
gaming on Linux, despite the fact that I've loved Unix and hated Windows
since far before Linux even existed. Hell, I'd probably even go back to
PlayStation before I went to Linux. Xbox even!

Designers use Macs, for what I appear to be good reasons. (Paying money
to prove that you're a fashion victim seems to give you lots of cred in
the designer community).

You'd be a complete moron to run high-load web servers on Windows, or
even Unix-based Mac systems.

My other "technical application," I suppose, is that I need a good
programming environment and only Linux lets me rip out all the
Windows-type crap that's been layered on top of it over the past twenty
or so years and get back to, e.g., fvwm2. So it works there as well.

But your standard Linux system's main benefit to the average user is
saving $120 in Windows licensing fees. If you find yourself going
through more than $120 worth of pain that could be mitigated by going
back to Windows, just move back, dude.

2. Dictionaries! Don't even talk to me about dictionaries! They're not
cheap (mine cost CND 350 some twenty-five years ago) and they just get
worse in electronic form or on-line (now they want about the same per
_year_ of access, which is why I've been carrying 5 kg of paper edition
around for well over two decades now).

I am, however, tempted to bring the thing along to the next TLUG meeting
so I can show you all what a *real* dictionary is. Bring on your best,
and we'll look up a fairly complex word, such as "church," and see who
has the most on it.

Curt Sampson         <>         +81 90 7737 2974

To iterate is human, to recurse divine.
    - L Peter Deutsch

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