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[tlug] ALERT: fcitx-mozc is lovely

I don't know if everyone else already knew about this but I just got
the memo and feel the need to share my new religion.

I'd been using ibus/anthy for Japanese input on Ubuntu Vivid, which
was somehow failing to recognize my henkan key. So after fighting with
it for the best part of an hour I finally tried turning it off and
switching to another one, and it turns out fcitx-mozc is really,
really nice. It Just Worked, and it's really intuitive and smooth to
use, unlike Anthy which always felt like it was trying to stop me
writing my email.

Instructions for setting it up here:

Edmund Edgar
Founder, Social Minds Inc (KK)
Twitter: @edmundedgar
Linked In: edmundedgar
Skype: edmundedgar

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