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[tlug] ZIM users on the list?

Thomas Blasejewicz writes:

 > I remember that someone (sorry, don't remember the name now) here
 > on the list told me, that "linux is basically monolingual".

Which isn't true.

 > I CAN search for terms in English and German, but when I try to
 > search for Japanese terms, I get either NO HITS at all, or else
 > some very strange "selections" (only SOME terms or characters /
 > based on what ???) of "terms".

Examples, both of input and of output, please.  Both "no hits" and
"strange hits".  Where did you get the documents you want to search
for terms in?

 > Is there a trick to tell ZIM to search also for Japanese?

Searching for Japanese is very hard, because Japanese documents are
inconsistently encoded.  What is most likely is that you have
documents in encodings that ZIM doesn't understand.  On Linux it
probably strongly prefers UTF-8, while Windows often produces CP932
(AKA Shift JIS), and under some circumstances will spit out UTF-16.

But it's hard to say since you are giving us basically no information
to diagnose the problem except the name of software that probably few
people have heard of let alone use.

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