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[tlug] ZIM users on the list?

Good evening
I am sorry to bother you, but would like to ask a (probably stupid)
question about the software called "ZIM".

Its Help section refers you to a mailing list, which does not really
sound the right place to ask:
"This is the team used to run a general mailing list for the zim desktop
wiki project. It will be used for announcements, release synchronization
with translators and packagers as well as the occasional brainstorm
(and I am not that much of a ZIM fan that I would like to join another
mailing list)

I would like to manage blog entries with ZIM and constantly use three
I remember that someone (sorry, don't remember the name now) here on the
list told me, that "linux is basically monolingual".
I CAN search for terms in English and German, but when I try to search
for Japanese terms, I get either NO HITS at all,
or else some very strange "selections" (only SOME terms or characters /
based on what ???) of "terms".
Is there a trick to tell ZIM to search also for Japanese?
Or should I just forget about using it?

Thank you.

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