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Re: [tlug] Self-introduction + thank you for scanner help

> With a _lot_ of help from this list, especially from Stephen Turnbull, I did
> manage to get my Brother printer/scanner working on Linux Mint 17
> Qiana here in Japan. (The printer was easy. The scanner was not.)
> ...
> So, after the re-install everything almost works as it should, and does
> work well enough for my purposes.

I think we had the same scanner (DCP-7055). Was the reinstall actually
Mint 17.1 (aka a base distro of Ubuntu 14.04.2)?

Just curious, as my scanner magically started working in April this
year... but I'd not tried scanning anything for a few months, so I don't
know exactly what changed. But the biggest change was the update to mint

> Strangely enough, I could only use the scanner as root at first, despite
> having set up a group and done what I knew how to make it available. 

There are quite a few ideas here:


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