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Re: [tlug] Self-introduction + thank you for scanner help

On Mon, Jun 29, 2015 at 9:07 AM, Raedwolf Sumner <> wrote:
On Sun, 28 Jun 2015 18:27:03 +0800, Raymond Wan <> wrote:

> I'm running Ubuntu and it's good enough for me to do what I need to
> do. But none of scanner, printer, nor webcam work... Yes, I could fix all
> of them and the reason is I'm too lazy... But no, they definitely
> don't work out of the box.

Since my "expertise" is much closer to Thomas' than the rest of you
Linux cognoscenti, may I be permitted to add something just in case
he isn't aware of it yet.

Brands matter. I never did get my Epson or Canon printer/scanners to
work on Linux. I gave them away.

I would happily accept this kind of gift, as my Epson is working perfectly, including the scanner, and this since I first plugged it, 5-6 years ago.
I am not sure my Ubuntu were so special all the time, upgrade after upgrade, nor my USB cable.


2 + 2 = 5, for very large values of 2.

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