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Re: [tlug] Experience running internet connections over old Japanese wiring that wasn't designed for internet connections

> Alternatively, get external antenna for your machine. If you are getting
> any signal (e.g. standing in the hallway or near the window with your
> current antenna(built-in), just adding a antenna might be the solution. 

I was having trouble with weak wifi signal, so bought a USB external
wifi, with not one but two antenna [1]. I've been disappointed to find
it makes no difference, and in fact I've now stopped carrying it around
with me.

They generally both (internal and external) had the same signal
strength, though sometimes I got a connection with the external one, and
not internal; sometimes the other way around. Typically either or
neither, though. It just confirmed my suspicion that wifi signals are
governed by laws of physics that are yet to be discovered.

Anyway, before buying it, I heard people say the external antenna is
just a gimmick. And others say it is not.


[1]: TP-Link, TL-WN822N
Light and compact, not too expensive, so recommended if your internal
wifi card is broken.

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