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Re: [tlug] Looking for Summer Internship in Japan


>willing to pay decent salaries. But, these companies also know that
>getting good programmers is difficult. So, these seldom announce
>their openings publicly. These jobs are handed out between friends
>and friends of friends.

Yup, connection is important, and you need to earn a good reputation
some way.

I remembered I got a lab programmer job from a friend on Twics - the
predecessor of TLUG. My first job was to write a FORTH interpreter
as he was a FORTH freak. ("Forth has a niche both in astronomical and
space applications." from Wikipedia)

Check this short story
It is very funny if you know how FORTH works.

> 派遣, i.e. contract workers, people being sent by agencies into
> companies.

This system was once applied to a small number of professions, and that
was a way to hire professionals for a short while so the money was very
good. But the system was forbidden to be applied to all types of jobs
because it was abused by the bad guys long time back - they sucked a huge
percentage of the wage. But it resurrected somehow and a lot of people
are now toiling to survive doing Haken while agents are driving expensive
cars and drinking expensive wines.

2015-03-17 5:06 GMT+09:00 Darren Cook <>:
>>> I talk about Japan's IT crisis. Do you know what is happening at those
>>> system integration companies (called SIers in Japan)? They hire a lot
>>> of Haken people with a very little programming skill....
>> What are Haken people?
> 派遣, i.e. contract workers, people being sent by agencies into
> companies. This is big Japanese company's way of hiring people they can
> sack easily (*).
> Darren
> *: For some roles, they have to be offered a 正社員 (full-time employee)
> position within three years. (Apparently software developer staff can be
> kept on as 派遣 indefinitely, though.)
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