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Re: [tlug] Looking for Summer Internship in Japan

Noda Yoshikazu writes:

 > That was the time of my life, and life was sooo good. Was it because there
 > were not enough programmers  30 years ago? Probably.

30 years ago?  That would be just about when "5th Generation" was
scaring the dickens out of American industry pundits, not to mention
the middle of the bubble years.  *Everybody* in Japan was having a
good time then, and competent programmers probably had it better than

Ruby's Matz claims that there are serious structural problems in the
Japanese software industry and education these days.  If his analysis
is correct, I'm not surprised that life has gotten less pleasant for
Japanese developers.  I'm certainly distressed at the extremely low
level of Japanese participation in GSoC.  Compare India: Indian
students surpassed the American contingent in 2014, and they're on
track to increase their lead this year from what I hear --
applications open officially later today so that's just a guess.

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