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Re: [tlug] Ubuntu 14.04 Setup, Keyboard Toggling for Jp-En, Etc

On 2014-08-27 14:42, Christian Horn wrote:
On Wed, Aug 27, 2014 at 02:23:40PM +0900, rost52 wrote:
I tried to install IBUS-MOZC on Antergos (Arch Linux based) but starting up IBUS changed my keyboard
from Japanese to English. Do not know any way to change back to Japanese keyboard.
Maybe you are hitting .
According to this, the 'direct input' is enabled by default
and not 'hiragana' as one would expect.
Once you select mozc, do you see a box with 'A'?

I am hit by this on Fedora, seems like no nice way
around it for the moment, so I am trying out kkc.

Thanks for the link to the site. Interesting to read these opinions.

At the end I ran into a much more severe problem. But step by step.

I found the possibility to correct the keyboard settings in antergos with KDE DE. So this could be solved. I also got mozc running nabually. (Very nice display of possible kanjis below the text line.) Manually means I switched the input method with a mouse click.

Next I follow the advice of

and added

export GTK_IM_MODULE=ibus
export XMODIFIERS=@im=ibus
export QT_IM_MODULE=ibus

into $HOME/.bashrc, and re-startet the machine.

Booting started normally but suddenly I had a black screen and could only move the mouse around this black screen. I need to re-install the antergos again.

Now I want to try fcitx-mozc with this

as the guideline.

Any experienced based comment on the IBus-mozc and/or fcitx-mozc combination is highly appreciated.

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