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[tlug] Fixing Sound AGAIN

Well, Microsoft lives up to its Marine Corps Torque Wrench (twist it until it breaks then back off half a turn) reputation. They've forced everyone who uses Skype on Linux to upgrade to v.4.3 -- and requires the use of pulse-audio, thus doesn't work any more. I have too many clients barely able to use Skype so any suggestion of any other program won't work. There used to be a workaround to force Skype to default to ALSA, but that is now impossible.

I cannot get my headset to work in pulse audio and pavucontrol shows voice signals being picked up but no one can hear me. Headset speakers are not working.

- I want to have Skype ring through my speakers and then to use my headset to speak with my contacts.
- I want everything else to play through my desktop speakers.

(Like it used to do under Skype 4.2)

Any suggestions?


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