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Re: [tlug] [ot] paywalls for fixing bugs, was: Sun X4150 BIOS and ILOM update

Christian Horn writes:

 > But I am reminded of the state of hardware monitoring on Linux.
 > Correct me if I am wrong, but to my knowledge we still have no good
 > standard way to see if fans or disks in a system failed.

For fans, lmsensors works for me on a Dell system and on a homebrew
based on a Tyan mobo.  I don't know about state of the art for
checking disks remotely.

 > Some of these pieces are covered in smartmon tools for select
 > raids,

So use a select RAID.

 > and in lmsensors (but finding out your chips is no fun,

dmesg will tell you most of the popular chips and almost all of the
manufacturers.  If sensors support is a requirement, choose a product
using a chip that's already supported.  These are things that are well
within a poor hobbyist's budget, let alone most business uses.

Why not work with what we've got, rather than worrying about what we
don't have?

Note: The problem with patents is that they can take away from us what
we already have.


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