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[tlug] Sun X4150 BIOS and ILOM update

I have a handful of Sun X4150 servers for which I would like to do a BIOS and ILOM update in order to build a little Linux VMWare-ESXi cluster.

The current installed BIOS has issues with the latest VMWare, and I found the latest version (from Tools and Drivers 3.5), but in order to install that, I have to upgrade the current ELOM to an ILOM (long story).

Does anyone have access to the Oracle support and could get me a copy of patch #10371872 (Tools and Drivers version 2.0) from here:

Or if you have the CD lying around in an old drawer and have the file "firmware/elom_to_ilom/X4150-026_450" could send it to me or make it available, as described here:

Thank you in advance! Reward will be paid in beer :-)


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