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Re: [tlug] Trackball [Re: Happy hacking keyboard]

On 2014-08-09 at 15:48:51 rost52 wrote:
> How can I get my Kensington Expert Mouse running under Linux?

It should just work. At one time, getting the extra buttons working 
required some manual configuration, but my experience with doing that 
was so long ago that i'd not be surprised if it is no longer necessary. 
If all of the buttons do not do sensible things, let us know and we can 
help you figure it out. Or use a Google search like "kensington expert 
mouse <your linux distro>". (Substituting your Linux distro in the 
appropriate place, naturally.)

Daniel A. Ramaley  |  Network Engineer 2
Drake Technology Services (DTS) | Drake University

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