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Re: [tlug] Fixing Sound AGAIN

> They've forced everyone who uses Skype on Linux to upgrade to v.4.3 --
> and requires the use of pulse-audio, thus doesn't work any more.

I too am furious about this, but let's face it.... it was only a matter
of time before they screwed us.  I tried installing pulseaudio, and - no
surprise - it didn't work out of the box. I have no desire to fiddle
with it, so my next workaround is to install a WinXP VM under Virtualbox
and run the Win client (which I haven't quite got done yet). Let's hope
the XP install disk and validation code I've got will work for a VM that
needs to be on the net :=\

> I have too many clients barely able to use Skype so any suggestion of
> any other program won't work.

I, otoh, would love to hear others' ideas about alternatives. My wife
has been hearing about LINE from her friends, so I'm thinking I need to
learn more about that....


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