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Re: [tlug] Linux Quiz: Call For Questions

Hi Bruno,

On 2014年04月27日 03:19, Bruno Raoult wrote:
> OK. a few questions from me.
> 1) How to remove a file named ".abc"
> 2) how .??* could be useful for "ls"
> 3) How and when could "rm" not free disk space
> 4) "ln" vs "ln -s"
> etc...
> You will tell me these are more about shell. Right.
> I have an idea for having 4 answers for these questions (as you are
> going to this kind of test, I suppose).

Thank you very much for the questions!  They are good ones!

> I would also be very happy to get the full quiz :)

I will be sure to share the full quiz after the meeting! :)



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