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[tlug] Linux Quiz: Call For Questions

I will chair a "Linux Quiz" at the next TLUG technical meeting, on May 10th:


Title: Linux Quiz

Summary: Would you like to explore and expand your knowledge of Linux?
The Linux Quiz will be an interactive discussion where people of all
experience levels, from beginners to seasoned sysadmins, can ask questions
and share their knowledge about all things Linux in a friendly,
non-competitive atmosphere.


I hope that the quiz will be fun for all, but an addition goal is to
introduce more people to TLUG.  If you know anybody [in the area] who
would be interested in the topic, please encourage them to attend!

Michael: Would you like to invite Tokyo PC Users Group members who might
be interested?

Kalin: Would you like to invite Tokyo Hackerspace members who might be

In preparation, I would like to collect possible quiz questions via email.
 If you would like to contribute one or more questions, please email me
(off-list) the question(s) as well as any notes or links to references.
If you prefer to be an anonymous source, please let me know.  For
reference, I am putting a sample question below.

Please note that I will organize the contributed questions, but I will not
be able to guarantee that any particular question will be covered, as the
quiz will be interactive and limited by time.  Also note that it is a
*Linux* quiz.  If there is interest in a more general *Unix* quiz, then
perhaps we could do it another time. ;)

If you have any general questions, comments, or ideas, let me know!





What are the permissions of the /tmp directory?


The /tmp directory has permissions 1777 (displayed in `ls -al` as
"drwxrwxrwt").  The final 7 indicates that all users have write
permissions in the directory.  The leading 1 is referred to as the "sticky
bit."  It makes it so that files in /tmp can only be unlinked or renamed
by root, the directory owner (root in this case), or the file owner.

Possible follow-up question:

In what other cases might the sticky bit be useful?

Submitted by: Travis

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