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[tlug] Linux Quiz: Call For Questions

Travis Cardwell writes:

 > In preparation, I would like to collect possible quiz questions via email.
 >  If you would like to contribute one or more questions, please email me
 > (off-list) the question(s) as well as any notes or links to
 > references.

Sorry about the off-list, but list policy is to reply publicly, and it
is enforced by munging Reply-To.

Historical question:  Give an efficient sequence of search keywords to
determine "Who is Andrew Tannebaum and why do Linux fans care?"

 > If there is interest in a more general *Unix* quiz, then perhaps we
 > could do it another time. ;)

What's the difference between a "Linux" quiz and a "more general Unix
quiz", given that *your* sample question is actually a FHS question?[1]
(FHS is targeted to "Unix-like" filesystems, ie pretty much anything
but FAT ;-)  Viz:

 > Question:
 > What are the permissions of the /tmp directory?

[1]  Interestingly, it doesn't seem to be a POSIX question, as several
of the references I can find through Google add the caveat that the
"traditional sticky bit is undefined in this standard".

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