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Re: [tlug] Linux Quiz: Call For Questions

On 2014年04月26日 12:25, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
> Sorry about the off-list, but list policy is to reply publicly, and it
> is enforced by munging Reply-To.

No problem.  I suggested replying off-list so that the questions can be a
surprise for people at the meeting, as it might make it more
interesting/fun. :)  Replying on-list is fine too, of course.

By the way, I will put the questions that we cover online after the
meeting, in case anybody else is interested but is not in Tokyo to attend.

> Historical question:  Give an efficient sequence of search keywords to
> determine "Who is Andrew Tannebaum and why do Linux fans care?"


> What's the difference between a "Linux" quiz and a "more general Unix
> quiz", given that *your* sample question is actually a FHS question?[1]
> (FHS is targeted to "Unix-like" filesystems, ie pretty much anything
> but FAT ;-)  Viz:

I apologize for not writing more clearly.  Questions that apply to Linux
as well as other Unix systems are very welcome.  I simply wanted to
specify that it is a *Linux* quiz in order to avoid getting sidetracked
into broader discussions, for the sake of time.

> [1]  Interestingly, it doesn't seem to be a POSIX question, as several
> of the references I can find through Google add the caveat that the
> "traditional sticky bit is undefined in this standard".

My sample question indeed applies to many Unix systems, even though it is
not specified in the standard.  Though not part of my sample question,
note that the sticky bit is implemented differently in various types of
Unix: it is only used on directories in Linux, while it has meaning for
files as well on some systems.  I will resist my temptation to include
Wikipedia link! ;)



PS) I hope you can make it to the meeting!

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