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Re: [tlug] Weird issue with gnome and scim.

>   Argh.. so this ended up being gnome 'slowkeys' which I have NO clue 
> how it got enabled or why anyone would ever want this feature lol. 

Curious what slowkeys was led me here:

It gets switched on by holding down shift for 8 seconds, and can still
be switched on accidentally as of 2013. (that bug report started in 2006.)

I just tried it on Ubuntu 10.04, and nothing went wrong with typing,
which I think is because everything is unchecked in the "Accessibility
tab" of "keyboard preferences". So it appears that bug report should be
closed. But perhaps a later Ubuntu broke it again?


P.S. I was hoping this might be related to a gnome bug I have had for
years now, where focus sometimes gets screwed up, and mouse clicks go to
one place, while typing goes to another. I still haven't worked out what
triggers it, and the only solution I have is to log out and log in again.
I was interested in one of the comments how they go to a tty and then "
I kill compiz, which magically restores my keyboard and mouse input." I
might try that next time it happens. ...hhmmm, except I don't have
anything called "compiz" running. At least, not at the moment.

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