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Re: [tlug] NAS and DHCP?

> You mean because of lease expiry and migration to a new IP?  Here's
> what I do in /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf (this is Gentoo, YLMV):
> subnet netmask {
>   range;
> }
> host HVL4-947739 {
>   hardware ethernet 0:a0:b0:94:77:39;
>   fixed-address;
> }
> ...
> It is better to do this in DHCP rather than
> configuring the hardware with a static address, because then all your
> config is in one file (or at worst, one app's files).

Thanks Stephen, that is the kind of thing I wanted to know, and that is
a good reason. (*)

I've not found a way to do that in the Buffalo AirStation (my DHCP
server) yet, so it may be I'll just have to split config between one
file and a piece of paper. :-)


*: Just thought of a reason to stick with static IP assignments. The NAS
is small enough to take with me on trips, and well over half my LAN
devices are notebooks or smaller. So it is possible the router (with the
config) might almost be the only device left behind. :-)

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