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Re: [tlug] NAS RAID advice


Thanks. It sounds good. It is quite a bit more expensive (with no disks:
37,800 for the DS213, 25,800 for the DS213j, where j seems to be for
junior, not Japan).
I'm intrigued by the built-in IP camera support. Automated back-up to
Amazon Glacier is also an interesting feature.

I ordered the Buffalo LS-WV2.0TL/R1J [2] in the end; this is the next
model up from the one I originally posted, the main difference being a
better CPU and better speed, but only costing about 1400 yen extra.
(Bruno mentioned his model was slow.)

A couple of TLUG-ers using it, and the possibility to put linux on it if
I find the default UI too limiting, were the main reasons I went with
this one. (And it seemed the cheapest 2TB RAID-1 NAS.)

It arrived yesterday; not had chance to try it yet.



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