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[tlug] Kubuntu/Ubuntu - 3 Steps Forward, 2 Back

Just a quick note to comment that getting Ubuntu/Kubuntu set up over
the years has gone from difficult (to get Japanese input working, etc)
to very easy (just working after installing in Japanese) to difficult

With Kubuntu 12.04.3, at least everything *except* Japanese input
works, but various hoop-jumping still hasn't led to having Japanese
input capability.

With Ubuntu 12.04.3, it now fails to include the proper video driver,
so with no screen, there's nothing I can do with it.

So - of the two, Ubuntu 12.04.3 is completely useless on the computer
I wanted to install it on, and Kubuntu works fine in English, but
hours and hours of fiddling have yet to produce the ability to input
Japanese - and this is with a Japanese installation!

Oh well.  Maybe I should ask for a refund. ;


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