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Re: [tlug] Something Called Gaimen Kirikae...

Everybody replying, domo arigato for your valuable comments. Happy that
the subject sparks your attention.

I'm just looking for a chance. More than willing and actually looking
forward to pass their tests, whatever that might be.

Here is a true story. I once had a Japanese national in our apartment
building that couldn't do a sharp 90 degree turn out of our parking
store. We became friends (he even invited me to his apartment) because I
approached him with the proper way to do the trick... (... Not mocking
anybody here... at least collectively...)

I'm aware that we share very different levels of development and that
might play a role here. Certain they will realize in a heart beat that
the fact I hold citizenship from country "x" doesn't mean much. Actually
I hold citzenship from country "x" and "y" and could also be from
country "z" if I wanted to. And that's a point I must also pay attention
to. Coupled with the fact that I also drive motorbikes and trucks to a
certain capacity... ;)

Hoping to meet you all next month,

On 07/17/2013 09:49 PM, Simon Cozens wrote:
> So it's possible. It's just not pleasant.

                SCHWARTZ, Fernando G. ~ / # +55-21-7894-7272 [@GMT-3]

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