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Re: [tlug] Something Called Gaimen Kirikae...

Going by what is written in that link and the amount of time it would take I seriously doubt people on a temporary visa would be allowed to do that/elgible.

I am curious why you can't drive with the international drivers permit. I know my first long stay I did the international drivers permit thing but I never ended up actually using it.

On 07/17/2013 04:47 PM, SCHWARTZ, Fernando G. wrote:
Great people out there! Here I come with another mighty off-topic...
I'll be brief and thank you for reading this.

I am not allowed to drive legally in Japan with my International Driving
Permit because of different conventions (a.k.a bureaucracy). And I'm
dying to do so.

Found this official document here:

Question is, seems it does apply to non-residents (a.k.a temporary
visitors like me) don't you think?

Any input on the matter is much appreciated.

Regards everybody!

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