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Re: [tlug] Recommendation for router with range

2013/5/27 Curt Sampson <>:
> On 2013-05-24 17:19 +0900 (Fri), Ian Lawrence Barwick wrote:
>> I've never noticed any problem with interference....
> Have you checked? The problem would be "noticed" when you verify that
> you have slower transfer rates than expected, which can be rather
> difficult to figure out in a complex situation such as a house in an
> urban environment.

I haven't checked scientifically, but until recently I was working at home a
lot, which involved a lot of file transfers, and I would have noticed
if there was any degradation.

I did actually run a check once with an Android-based tool called
"Wifi Analyzer"
(winner of the 2012 prize for original app names) and don't recall it finding
anything untoward (though I have no idea if it would if it could).

I did have some weirdness  at one point with connections apparently timing out ,
but it turned out that was due to my wife's laptop having been set
up, unbeknownst to me, with a static IP address which  collided with
another active IP address.

Ian Barwick

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