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Re: [tlug] Recommendation for router with range

2013/5/24 Jean-Christian Imbeault <>:
> I have a cable Internet connection and use my computer as a wi-fi base
> station to provide a home network. This has worked well for me but I've just
> moved into a new place and the signal doesn't cover the whole house.
> The house is two stories with a half-basement, the PC (acting as the base
> station) is on the second floor and the wi-fi signal doesn't quite make it
> into the basement. Unfortunately the Internet connection is on the second
> floor and can't be moved.
> I'm hoping that by using a wi-fi router as the base station I will get a
> stronger signal than my PC provides and the signal will reach into our
> basement.
> Can anyone recommend a wi-fi router with a strong signal/range?

I can recommend the one I use, unfortunately I'm away from home at the moment
and can't even remember what brand it is (probably Buffalo) so if you can
wait a couple of days I can post the relevant details. I don't have a basement,
but it's placed on the 2nd floor at one end of the house where the intertube
comes through the wall. Signal is fine, even on the 1st floor at the other
end of the house, and it's even stable / fast enough for the media centre
box on the first floor to use my server box upstairs as a fileserver.

I've never noticed any problem with interference, inside I do see a
couple of strong
signals from what I guess are the immediate neighbours, and maybe half-a-dozen
weaker signals from houses further away. Outside on the street it's a
different story,
IIRC there were a couple of dozen signals floating about (including mine, which
in line-of-sight to the house was still showing up 6 or 7 houses away), but as I
tend not to spend much time online while standing on the street it does't seem
to be a problem.

I did originally think I'd need to wire the house, but so far the
wireless arrangement
is satisfactory.

Ian Barwick

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