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[tlug] Recommendation for router with range

Jean-Christian Imbeault writes:

 > I'm hoping that by using a wi-fi router as the base station I will get a
 > stronger signal than my PC provides and the signal will reach into our
 > basement.
 > Can anyone recommend a wi-fi router with a strong signal/range?

If it's strong enough to reliably reach the basement, it will be
strong enough to annoyingly reach everybody in the neighborhood.  I
live in a condo where right now I'm looking at 8 networks; at peak
times in the evening I sometimes see a couple dozen which obviously
means contention.  Dropped packets, even connections etc, are clearly
more frequent in the mid-evening.

In a single house you probably won't have that much network density,
but still I recommend you just get any reputable router and a wire
long enough to reach the first floor.

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