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Re: [tlug] Looking Into Building HTPC

On 05/11/2013 11:47 PM, Godwin Stewart wrote:
On 11/05/13 15:37, Nikolay Elenkov wrote:

Thanks! I read that keys get banned, and then you might not be able to
watch some of the newer stuff, you have to download key bundles(?)

To be honest, I find that hard to believe.

Not all set-top blu-ray players are 'Net enabled. If keys get banned and
need replacing, how do these devices cope?

Firmware update? Revocation lists are distributed on disks, and for
Windows, etc. players you need to update the software. In the rare
case that someone manages to extract and leak the keys from a
hardware device, and they get banned, the only viable options seems
an update from the manufacturer. I haven't looked into this in
detail, but that's my current understanding (might well be wrong...).

That's one of the guides I read:

(sorry for sort of hijacking this thread)

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