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[tlug] TurboLinux Distro / What's Going On...

Konnichiwa, everybody! Hope you're enjoying Tokyo for me this Sunday.
Miss saying a prayer at Meiji Jingu on Sundays. Will be back as soon as
I can.

Wondering what's happening with " TURBOLINUX ", my favorite Japanese
distro. Their web presence reads Japanese only. Poor "gaijin" like me
feels genuinely an outsider.

Remember trying " TURBOLINUX " for the first time around 1998 or so and
was effectively out-of-the-box "turbo" compared to other distros at that
time. I think they were supported by HITACHI back then.

There is currently one guy heading the Linux Software Foundation Japan
that's somehow "TurboLinux" related.

I love Nihon!

Cheers everybody!

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