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[tlug] Short-Term Rooms For Rent (off-topic thread)

Ohayo gozaimasu, this Friday morning in beloved Tokyo (not there yet...)

This is off-topic but perhaps valuable discussion for many around here. Appreciate you reading this.

As I make plans for yet another trip to Japan, I'm seeking information on "gaijin-friendly" real estate businesses willing to rent me a room on a (for example) shared house, for a short period of a few weeks.

Stayed in downtown Tokyo last November for about a month on a rented apartment. Wasn't cheap but worked flawlessly. Now I want to move one step closer experiencing something more long term style, real life in Tokyo. I mean, something in the lines of a shared house, in a suburb somewhere.

Please, you locals, if you spot anything on the streets that fits the description, please let me know. This is such a big deal for me.

Wishing you all a joyful meeting tonight.

Best regards, Fernando.

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