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[tlug] Job scheduling suggestions

Hi all,

I'm managing a [single] system with multiple users running CPU
intensive programs.  The OS is Ubuntu.

At the moment, I'm using Sun Grid Engine.  I picked it mainly because
there's an Ubuntu package for it.  But, I'm wondering about the
alternatives such as Torque (also an Ubuntu package) and Open Grid
Scheduler.  SGE seems to have been bought by Oracle and has now closed
sourced it.  I don't mind using the latest open source version of
SGE...I mind more that there isn't much help in setting it up.  There
is a GUI with a lot of text boxes which makes me dizzy whenever I
start it up.

Maybe if I switch to Open Grid Scheduler, I'll find out there isn't
much of a difference in terms of Web information.  Anyone have
personal experiences with any of these 3?  Or perhaps a fourth job
scheduler that I haven't considered yet?

Thank you!


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