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[tlug] Emacs Lisp file-exists usage

I use the Emacs mailer MEW, and I'm trying to set up a way for the mailer to use different SMTP settings depending on which machine it's running on. I found an Emacs function called file-exists which is supposed to test for the presence of a file, and then I am putting an empty file in my root directory on the different machines that is intended to trigger the change. What I've written is like this:

(if (file-exists-p "/mail-u-tokyo")
(setq mew-smtp-port "25")
(setq mew-smtp-server "")

(if (file-exists-p "/mail-home")
(setq mew-smtp-port "587")
(setq mew-smtp-server "")

But it doesn't seem to do the trick. Can anyone spot what is missing here?




A. Charles Muller

University of Tokyo
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