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Re: [tlug] Linux friendly Internet connectivity

2013/2/13  <>:
> I just moved to Tokyo last week for a couple years and am renting a place.
>  I need to hire an Internet service and am looking for recommendations:
> 1.  Allow me to use wireless and/or linux firewall to distribute
> connectivity around the house.

AsahiNet or OCN  on NTT Flets Hikari have always worked fine for me, I'd guess
any combination of ISP and telco fibre should be OK. AsahiNet have
good English-speaking support.

> 2.  Healthy download speeds (low double digits MBs?)...good enough for
> live streaming.

Ditto above.

> 3.  Any recommendations on Netflix type services.  I understand Netflix is
> not available.

Can't help you there.

> 4.  Interested in cable TV bundles.  Don't care about landline.

It depends where you live, in my area the cable provider is Jcom
but I don't watch enough TV and the available channels didn't
really interest me.

Ian Barwick

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