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Re: [tlug] MythTV / PVR in Japan

2013年 2月 12日(火)11:23 am に Jim Tittsler さんは書きました:
> What is the current state of play for personal video recorders in Japan?
> Mauro eventually convinced me that I needed a MythTV box and it
> certainly changed our viewing habits in Japan 6~8 years ago (and really
> feels like a necessity here in New Zealand).  Is it easy to receive
> digital terrestrial (and/or free-to-air satellite?) broadcasts in Japan
> with MythTV or similar solutions?  Are there encryption or format
> limitations?  What are people using for tuners?  Or does everyone just
> buy a prepackaged PVR nowadays?

Interesting question. Last time I checked, digital cards were not really
supported in Linux, but since the cable company in our building is doing
the digital->analog conversion for us (for now), I can still use my bttv
card for the rare occasions I watch TV. Should work similarly with set top
boxes, etc. but you probably won't be able to change channel from MythTV.

BTW, MythTV is still a mess, and modern PVRs (XBMC) don't really support
TV (which is probably a wise choice too). Just stream everything via
Youtube, I don't need any stinky air/cable channels, digital or otherwise.
I would even pay for stuff :)

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