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Re: [tlug] MythTV / PVR in Japan

On Tue, Feb 12, 2013 at 11:23 AM, Jim Tittsler <> wrote:
What is the current state of play for personal video recorders in Japan?

Mauro eventually convinced me that I needed a MythTV box and it
certainly changed our viewing habits in Japan 6~8 years ago (and really
feels like a necessity here in New Zealand).  Is it easy to receive
digital terrestrial (and/or free-to-air satellite?) broadcasts in Japan
with MythTV or similar solutions?  Are there encryption or format
limitations?  What are people using for tuners?  Or does everyone just
buy a prepackaged PVR nowadays?

I don't forsee you having any issues, as if you have a set top box, you still need that to do the decoding. It just means that your TV tuner card would be receiving the signal. So, depending on what channels you want, free to air / cable etc, you still need the resources to watch those. Just plugging it into your MythTV tuner card instead of directly into your TV.

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