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Re: [tlug] GPL vs. paid version and ethics

Raymond Wan writes:

 > a university would have switched over to Microsoft Office from
 > Wordperfect 20 years ago (???) and there is a lot of reluctance to
 > switch again (including all of those documents in the last 20 years).
 > Yes, it is costly to stick with commercial software, but Microsoft
 > knows this and uses site licenses and academic pricing to keep
 > universities locked into a decision made 20 years ago.

At least in Japan, it's worse than that.  The students know that
industry uses Microsoft products almost exclusively, and you'd be at a
serious competitive disadvantage if you didn't provide MS Office in
the user labs and accept Office files for homework and report
submission.  Since (unless you're fortunate enough to work for Cal
Tech) there are far more students than faculty and staff, you may as
well get a site license.

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