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[tlug] GPL vs. paid version and ethics

Nowadays commercial software and open source co-exist. In particular a
common model is for a GPL version and then a paid version with more
features. E.g.

In that particular case I was curious about "Multi-core query
execution". I wondered what would happen if I were to add that feature
(*) to the GPL version.

Legally I can do it.

If they host the source code, they could refuse to accept the patch, so
I'd have to branch, and then there are two versions going forward.

But I also wondered about the ethics. If I added that feature I cut into
their sales. Financing for the product goes down. Product quality goes
down. Well, in, one scenario.

Thoughts? Pointers to intelligent previous discussions on this topic?


*: An academic question; I am aware of how much work that could be, and
I have more interesting things to do.

Darren Cook, Software Researcher/Developer (About me and my work) (My blogs and articles)

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