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Re: [tlug] GPL vs. paid version and ethics

In that particular case I was curious about "Multi-core query
execution". I wondered what would happen if I were to add that feature
(*) to the GPL version.

Ethical question aside, does it even the sensible thing to do?
As a hobbyist, my focus is to help other hobbyists, and not lower the price that one company pays another company. 
To help new companies to get off the ground, until they validated their ideas and can pay for better execution. 

So, does a hobbyist need multi-threaded query execution? Or he can do with the simple mechanism? 
Sometimes these questions are a moving target, and what was companies-only domain become hobbyists game.
If you have connections in that company, maybe you can ask for a personal-license, limited to 4-core execution? 

In the Movable Type world, there are a lot of paid plugins that offer a personal license alongside with the commercial one, or free license up-to # users and so on. 



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