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Re: [tlug] GPL vs. paid version and ethics

2012/8/6 Attila Kinali <>:

> On Mon, 6 Aug 2012 13:07:02 +0200
> Josh Glover <> wrote:
>> My goodness, the places you've seen sound like terrible places to
>> work.
> Yes. Of the software companies i've seen here in Switzerland, all
> but one work the way i discribed.

Google has lots of engineers in Zurich, and I can *guarantee* that is
not the way they work. Is that the one you meant?

>> Agile development may be a bit of a buzzword right now, and many
>> companies implement agile practises without really getting the main
>> point [...]
> I've yet to see a company that implements agile software development.

Some teams in Amazon are extremely agile. Both of the companies I've
worked for here in Stockholm are agile, and know what that means.

I'm not sure what your point is; the fact that you haven't personally
seen something simply means you haven't seen it. I've worked in four
countries as a software engineer, and been in agile teams in great
work environments in all of them. How prevalent such professional
teams are is speculation on my part, I'll admit.

However, I think the doom and gloom portrait that you painted is not
very accurate, and I think you greatly underestimate the quality of
work that professional teams are capable of.

> I've only heard of one colleque who has worked in a company that used
> pair programming regulary... and that was in the US.

Now you've heard of two. :)


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