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Re: [tlug] Cleaning a badly cleaned laser printer

On Tue, Jul 10, 2012 at 11:33 AM, Darren Cook <> wrote:
> generic work-out, and I could use one by any manufacturer? (I've not
> been able to track down anything specific to Brother HL-20.)

I think the Brother printers (is it one of those
printer/fax/scanner/answering machine combinations?) are what are
called (by some manufacturers anyway) "jell ink printers" (I'm sure
about "jell", less sure if it's "jell ink" or "jell-jet" or what) due
the liquid ink being thicker than bubble-jet printers.  What I
remember is Brother and Ricoh, and... some other company.

In the case of the Ricoh versions I've had some experience with, they
have an internal cleaning mechanism and tank for waste-ink, and that
mechanism has a maximum capacity for dumped ink (used in some cleaning
operations that push a lot of link through the holes to clear them)
and also a pad that soaks up ink.  If those are shot, then there might
not be much you can do without changing them.  I'll do some digging
around and try to come up with more details.....

As for pushing a lot of ink through the holes without utilizing the
printer's factory method for doing so, printing a photograph might
help?  Not sure....


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