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[tlug] Cleaning a badly cleaned laser printer

My laser printer (Brother HL-20) started getting inch-separated dots
about 2/3rd of the way across the page. I gave it a good dusting/blow,
but no help. So then I got a bit more serious, including wiping down the
orange roller-thingy with a slightly damp cloth, then drying it off with
a normal towel.

Now I still have the black dot, but also now ink is not sticking
properly to the right-half of the page. I.e. it smudges. (It gets better
if I leave for a while, but I just tested and even after 12hrs the
right-side can be smudged, while left-side is fine.)

So, I need to clean it again, but this time be more careful! A bit of
googling says I should be using alcohol, not water. I've also found up
some video tape cleaning fluid, which apparently is good.

General advice welcome, but specifically I found mention of this

Can just printing certain patterns really cure the problem? If so would
the patterns be specific to a printer maker/model, or is it more a
generic work-out, and I could use one by any manufacturer? (I've not
been able to track down anything specific to Brother HL-20.)
If so, any suggestions for a linux utility to do this? (I could try
wine, but I've never set up printing under wine, so I'm thinking that
could turn out to be a Huge Job...)


Darren Cook, Software Researcher/Developer (About me and my work) (My blogs and articles)

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