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Re: [tlug] Cleaning a badly cleaned laser printer

> Now I still have the black dot, but also now ink is not sticking
> properly to the right-half of the page. I.e. it smudges. (It gets better
> if I leave for a while, but I just tested and even after 12hrs the
> right-side can be smudged, while left-side is fine.)

Bit more reading, and it seems the orange-thingy I cleaned maybe badly
is the fuser, not the drum.

Just a thought: when cleaning I knocked one of the 4 spring-loaded paper
guides, and glueing it back on looked impossible, so I just removed it,
thinking the remaining 3 should be enough. But I wondered if its purpose
could be to press the paper to the fuser to make sure it gets heated enough?
...that seems unlikely though as the broken one is the left-centre one,
and ink-not-sticking problems are across the right side. (I cleaned the
fuser with water on right-side, not on the left-side.)


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